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The Downs – Book 2 – Julie Anne Nelson

The Downs – Book 2

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Available on Amazon, B&N, and Kobo

In The Wild Wood, Cecily Daye discovered who she was, embraced the trials she was born to endure, and emerged with a power unrivaled in the world. The moment Cecily came into her true power, the world changed. Every living being felt the surge, the awakening of a power that could destroy all life. Both friends and enemies look upon her with suspicion and wonder if she will use her power for justice instead of treachery. As beings—men, mystics, and monsters—scramble for more power to offset the limitless will of Cecily Daye, one force—the Source—understands the mistake of her birth, the mistake that can be undone. While her friends and boyfriend battle the horrors awakened by her existence, Cecily stands alone facing the Source. But Cecily’s greatest foe is the question she holds deep within her heart: should she even be allowed to exist? Enter The Downs!

 What People Are Saying About The Downs

“With wonderfully flowing narratives, strong developing characters, and a mystery around ever corner, Julie’s novels will keep you entranced until the final page. Of course, you’ll be hungering for more after that! This series is unlike any fantasy series I have read before. It’s a unique story line that will delight any reader of any age.” Andrea at Bookish Lifestyle

“Julie is an Indie that I throw my full support behind and will be vibrating with excitement as I find each new book in my hands.  If you get the chance pick these books up they are fresh, beautifully written and engaging from start to finish!” Tiffany at Escaping… One Book @ A Time

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