The Blood Bearer – Book 1

Blood Bearer Mockup for Website copyComing in 2018 (Book 1 of the Blood Bearer Trilogy)

After a treacherous path through the foster care system, fifteen-year-old Magnolia Hatfield finally has what she’s dreamed of since she lost her mother and father years before: a loving home with two, forever parents. But the arrival of two strangers claiming to be her long-lost parents starts Magnolia on an unexpected journey away from her newfound life, her loving parents, and the boy she’s grown to love. Along the way, Magnolia confronts secrets these strangers know about her and the power in her blood, but the truths these secrets reveal won’t set her free. Because the darker truth for a Hatfield is that there’s always a McCoy. And the McCoy who holds the key to Magnolia’s life or death, is the very same McCoy she comes to care about most. He’s also the one whose life she must take if she’s ever to find her way home. Join Magnolia in The Blood Bearer, Book One of the Blood Bearer Trilogy.

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