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For Teachers – Julie Anne Nelson

For Teachers

Both The Wild Wood and The Downs include study questions, as well as history/geography tie-ins to be used for educational purposes.  Several schools have used books in the Sevens series either as part of the reading curriculum or part of a summer reading list.  Check out some Student Work Samples.

If you are interested in purchasing a classroom set of the books, contact me through the Contact page, as I am working to obtain a discount price for group sales.

What Teachers and Students are Saying about Julie Anne Nelson and The Sevens series:

unnamed“I introduced my eighth grade language arts students to the Wild Woods series a couple of years ago, and they LOVE it! After reading the first four books, several of them begged me to contact Ms. Nelson to encourage her to “hurry up” and finish the fifth book. These books are creative, exciting, and hold the reader’s attention. We eagerly await the arrival of the last three installments!”

Elizabeth Adamson, Middle School Teacher, Emerald Coast Middle School, 4019 Highway 98 East, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

“I like the Sevens Series because it captivates the reader and you can’t put it down. The plot twists and complications are like nothing I have read before; both fun and aggravating at the same time. The characters are easy to relate to and your heart breaks a little every time they face a challenge that’s bigger than them. You feel a swell of pride when the characters accomplish a difficult task. The Sevens Series is a great series because it keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end with its plot twists and astounding characters.”

Rebekah, 7th Grade Student

“The Wild Wood series is a fantastic tale with well-developed characters, descriptive settings and an intricate and engaging storyline. It’s George RR Martin quality for young adults! My middle school students love this fantasy!”

Kim Izumo, Librarian, John C. Fremont Middle School, Las Vegas, Nevada

“As a teacher, I am always looking for new novels to generate enthusiasm for reading among my students. From the preview of the book trailer to the culminating activity, The Wild Wood by Julie Anne Nelson created a buzz of excitement and discovery. My students were engaged and making connections to the text about historical events. The discussion questions at the end of the book provided a great jumping off point for lesson planning. The Sevens series became the hit of 7th grade as my students rushed to finish and then start the next book in the series.”

Wendy Lane, 7th Grade Teacher, Mannion Middle School, Las Vegas, Nevada 

“The Wild Wood is one of the best novels I have ever read because you can really relate to the characters. The way they think, act, talk, etc. is realistic. The romance and humor create a bond between the reader and the characters. It is a bond that you can’t create in just any book you read, and that’s what makes this novel special.”

Trinity, 7th Grade Student

“Using The Wild Wood in my classroom has been an absolute pleasure.  Students have been engaged and reading, sometimes much faster than the reading schedule.  By including discussion questions and interdisciplinary connections to social studies, I have been able to cover a multitude of Nevada Academic Content standards, especially in the research and writing strands.  Students were able to easily make connections between Pastor Rowe’s behavior and other times in history that they have studied.  The excitement over the novel was contagious and I found myself frantically trying to read the entire series to keep up with my students.”

Lynn M. Little, 7th Grade Teacher, Mannion Middle School, Las Vegas, Nevada 

“As a high school library media specialist, I am always on the lookout for new, exciting books to introduce to our students. When a friend recommended Julie Anne Nelson’s new title, The Wild Wood, I added it to our summer reading list, and it was a huge hit with students from 9th through 12th grade. They loved the intrigue of the characters and story line as well as the opportunity to lose themselves in a well-created imaginary world. Their only complaint was having to wait for the sequel! The Sevens’ series is such an easy “sell” to seasoned fantasy lovers as well as reluctant readers.”

Mary K. Donovan, Library Media Specialist, Mill Creek High School, Gwinnett County, Georgia

“Girls in my classes gravitate to this series because there are 7 different FEMALE main characters to relate to in their own personal lives and other characters they admire.”

Heather Heap, High School Teacher, Evergreen High School, Vancouver, Washington

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