The Wild Wood Cover WP1To celebrate the upcoming release of the final two books in the Sevens series (The Frozen Mountains and The Universal Sun) on 7-7-17, you can read The Wild Wood (book 1 in the Sevens series) for FREE! Join the mailing list on the right, and I will send you a digital copy of The Wild Wood. And for a LIMITED TIME, write a review of The Wild Wood and send me a link to receive a FREE copy of The Downs (book 2 in the Sevens series)! Check out the Get Free Books! tab to learn more.

Also Coming Soon:

In March 2018, I am publishing the first book in a brand new sci-fi/fantasy-ish young adult trilogy called The Blood Bearer Trilogy.  The second book will be released in April 2018, and the third book in May 2018. Visit The Blood Bearer to learn more about the first book in the trilogy.

Now Available: Book 5 in the Sevens series

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00006]Throughout the Sevens series, the seven girls born in Dunlowe on the same day at the same time have fought the frightening battles that have come their way. They’ve been to the Wild Wood, the Downs, through the barren way, and now in order to reach the Deep East, they must travel the seas, facing dangers they never could have imagined. With each new challenge, they begin to understand that the real war is yet to come, and the depth and breadth of that war may destroy not just their lives, but the lives of everyone on every world.

Join the sevens as they enter The Silent Sea and come one step closer to the two-book finale of the Sevens series arriving 7-7-17.


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